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Teaching Strategies in a Digital Environment II

Date: March 20 – May 7, 2019

Technology today allows students tremendous access to information. By joining students on this technological playing field, educators can meet student learning needs in new and revolutionary ways. You have literally entered “the wave of future education.” Teaching Strategies in a Digital Environment II targets both those who have completed Teaching Strategies in a Digital Environment I and/or teachers with experience in online and blended teaching. Thus, participants are encouraged to engage in rich dialogue surrounding best practices and challenges faced in a digital environment.

This online course, building on the first part of this class, will present an overview of online education, including the necessary skills and best educational practices that will allow you to become both comfortable and proficient in this exciting environment. Specifically, we will present best and developing practices in academic integrity, student motivation, collaboration, and online tools. Focus will be on hands-on application within an online or blended course.