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Teaching Strategies in a Digital Environment I

Facilitator: Ken Sajdak
Start Date: March 13 (zero week starts March 13) class begins March 20
Length: 6 Weeks — 1-hour synchronous online webinar required weekly*
Cost: $25 (subsidized by the WDLC)

Technology today allows students tremendous access to information. By joining students on this technological playing field, educators can meet student learning needs in new and revolutionary ways. You have literally entered “the wave of future education.”  Even though you may be bringing years of teaching skills and experiences with you, you may be at the beginning of your experience in the virtual school environment. This course presents an overview of online education, including the necessary skills and best educational practices that will allow you to become both comfortable and proficient in this exciting environment.

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*Synchronous Sessions offered Mondays at 5:15 PM or Tuesdays at 7:15 PM

Note: Zero week is designed for you to test your login, assure computer readiness for the course, familiarize yourself with the digital environment and provide a time for drops. Drops or unsuccessful completions outside of this time may incur the full unsubsidized cost of $200.