Upcoming  Events & Courses

In-person/live events

Professional learning events to engage in planning, implementation, and/or quality of online or blended learning strategies and deliverables. Learn More.

Facilitated Online Course

Online courses offered through the WDLC are professional learning opportunities delivered by a qualified facilitator. Participants are part of a cohort of learners using the internet for primary delivery of content along with required synchronous learning opportunities. Learn More.


Micro-courses allow learning in small steps. It is made possible with the aid of small, well planned, bite-sized chunks of units or activities that are short-term, relevant, and easily manageable. WDLC is currently developing online micro-courses to train teachers, school leaders, and other educators on the skills and competencies that they most request related to operating high-quality online and blended programs. Learn More.

field-led Webinars

Field-led webinars are synchronous learning opportunities facilitated by experts of different types. These webinars take a bottom-up approach to leverage expertise in relevant topic areas that may include but is not limited to programs, schools, vendors, and researchers. Learn More.

digital learning Network

Digital Learning Network Synchronous Sessions offer a channel for educators who want active discourse and knowledge sharing with others. Facilitators may meet regularly and work collaboratively to improve teaching skills and student outcomes with common practice. Learn More.

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