Invested & Affiliate Pathway


Districts with a comprehensive vision for online and blended learning that includes an emphasis on local autonomy and use of both shared and local teachers and staff

Invested and Affiliate partners look to take on more control and ownership of their online learning program as they become members in the Wisconsin eSchool Network (WEN) consortium. There are currently 28 Invested and Affiliate partners serving over 200 districts throughout Wisconsin with more than 40,000 annual enrollments.

Invested Partners make a significant one-time investment that provides the lowest operating expenses of any Pathway and a voting seat on the WEN board of directors. Invested Partners are building scalable digital learning programs to support growing online enrollments, increased use of student devices on campus, and greater integration of digital content and instruction in the classroom. Invested Partners have made significant initial investments in human capital and in financial resources to purchase online courses, license and develop technology infrastructure and build processes that are the foundation of the consortium and WDLC.

Affiliate Partners have access to WEN’s online course catalog, licensed teachers, technology tools, student orientation courses, and professional learning while benefiting from lower cost, scalable enrollment fees. The Affiliate membership allows districts to retain a high degree of local control, using a combination of local instructors with online teachers from Network partners as needed. Most of WEN’s current Affiliate district members are small to medium-sized school districts, ranging from less than 1,000 students to nearly 7,000 students, and most are in the process of developing cohesive and comprehensive online learning plans.



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