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Structures and Systems

Timeframe: Spring 2019

Improving admissions, marketing, and enrollment processes for online learning: Leader implements pre-enrollment assessment, pre-enrollment counseling, and ethical marketing practices, as well as a post-enrollment orientation system, to improve outcomes for online learners.

Enhancing community in the online classroom: Teacher establishes human connection, nurtures peer coaching, and builds positive relationships to boost the success of an online environment

  • Cultivating a positive culture in online and blended setting

Curating your own online playlists for blended and online programs: Educator understands what online playlists are and the basic principles for designing playlists that deepen learning and accelerate students’ progress in their course or subject.

  • Using prepackaged online content for blended and online program

Ensuring equity and access in instructional design for blended and online programs: Educator promotes equity and access in the learning design in a blended or online program by ensuring that the learning design is culturally relevant, designed to be accessible for all students, and attentive to any lack of Internet access in students’ homes.