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Commitment to Quality

Facilitator: John Watson, Evergreen Education Group
Time Frame: October 17, 2018

WDLC is helping thousands of students who are a part of the Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative (WDLC). Although digital learning has been used in public schools for about two decades, educators are still determining how best to use technology in ways that improve student outcomes. They are hampered, in part, because traditional professional development methods in K-12 education are lacking and often ineffective. WDLC Quality Practices will take a new approach to professional development and program improvement by facilitating best practices in an ongoing, peer-to-peer learning environment. The ongoing quality practices will be made up of online and blended learning leaders across Wisconsin as part of WDLC, building on an existing, trusted network with an established working relationship.

The commitment to quality operates in various capacities including peer regional round table discussion surrounding topical areas of interest, facilitated online course offerings, field led webinars, digital learning communities case studies, and peer to peer networking that dives into “Critical Questions” that are prioritized by each partner. All of which help partners and collaborators stay connected to practices happening in the field of online and blended learning.