WDLC focuses on self-reflection and peer review that together will drive quality and continuous improvement using standard critical questions and quality baselines. Through partnerships with committed members, WDLC is able to produce case studies that highlight the work happening in the field.

Online and blended learning is helping thousands of students across the state of Wisconsin. Although digital learning has been used in public schools for about two decades, educators are still determining how best to use technology in ways that improve student outcomes. The WDLC Peer Learning Network (PLN) will take a new approach to professional development and program improvement by facilitating best practices in an ongoing process of self-reflection and peer review.

The foundation of the WDLC PLN will focus on “key questions” based on multiple sets of national standards and checklists. These key questions build on the standards and checklists but allow a school to get into much more detail regarding how the school is approaching important issues. Instead of determining if it meets a standard and then moving on, it reviews its processes that aim to both ensure quality and improvement regardless of where the school is relative to the standard. This approach will put more value in the process of engaging with colleagues who understand online and blended learning vs. checking a standard off a list.

In development — Coming 2018–2019



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